Things Not Made of Clay

Paintings with Text

Boomboxes and TVs

59 Pineapple Street

Abi and I lived together in a 350 square foot apartment on Pineapple Street in Brooklyn Heights for seven years. Nate Dorr took these photos with the lights out and long exposures before we moved out. We are working on a blacklight bathroom in our new place on Montague Street. Photos are coming soon. 

Adding a Third Eye to Pictures of Mickey Mouse

It's hard work, but someone's got to do it. 

Cartoon: Tunanooda

An animated film about food I made in 2002. It won prizes and screened at a lot of film festivals -- Student Emmys, New Directors New Films at Lincoln Center, Palm Springs Film Festival, etc. Check it out. 

NYC Recycles

I designed public space trash/recycling bins and in-apartment educational materials for the NYC Department of Sanitation (NY's Strongest) during the 2013 transition to all-plastics recycling. Over 20,000 blue, green, and black outdoor bins are now in place.

Book Proposal: No Dice

I put together a proposal a for a book of games a few years ago. It never got published, but I still play the games. 

Autograph Collection

I have some very rare and valuable pieces in my collection.