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I put up an online shop on this site once in a while, but the best way to see all the stuff is to come visit my apartment in Brooklyn Heights (66 Montague Street #4, Brooklyn NY). It's right near the promenade and not far from a good pizza place. If visiting is inconvenient, send me screenshots or instagram links to things you like and we can figure it out.

Write to me at dave@zackindesign.com or use the "contact me" form to set up an appointment.

Little cups and bowls and ceramic cassette tapes are cheap - starting at around $25 or $30. Big things and my favorite things are more expensive. 

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About Me

Dave Zackin is a designer and a fine artist working in New York City. He earned a bachelors degree in fine arts at the Rhode Island School of Design, a Master of Public Health at the Hunter/Cuny School of Public Health, and a Masters in Urban Studies at Queens College. His short animated film, Tunanooda, screened in over eighty film festivals including New Directors, New Films at Lincoln Center and the Kodak New Filmmakers' Showcase at Cannes, and won top prizes at the Student Emmys and the Palm Springs International Film Festival. Zackin's work has been featured in Chronicle Books' The Where, They Why, and The How, and in Time Out New York Magazine. He is the designer of the now ubiquitous City of New York Public Space Recycling Bins as well as numerous posters, stickers, and public health materials for the City of New York. 

Zackin's fine art is centers around ceramic vessels depicting old men. The vessels are often carved from bowls thrown and discarded by other ceramists.


For design and communications projects, visit zackindesign.com